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Ok, folks, it’s time to signup for this lovely new Klaroline celebration known as “KLAROLINE TRICK OR TREAT”!

Let’s make this the best damn Halloween ever! Who needs candy when you’ve got fics, pics, and mixes? Ok, yeah, candy would be nice as well because, who are we kidding, Halloween is our excuse/right as HUMAN BEINGS to gorge on sugar and be ok with ourselves in the morning. But I digress…

Signup today to contribute something to make a fellow KCer’s Halloween even MORE exciting and you’ll get something too!


Do it. (X)


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Favorite Characters: Hanna Marin (Pretty Little Liars)
“Someday we will all have jubilation.”

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Let’s get this back into the daily rotation.

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Countdown to Season Two → The Originals 1x05 “Sinners and Saints”

                               ↳ “Everything that brought us here to New Orleans is a lie.”

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if someone ever falls in love with me i will literally die of shock

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So, this blog is under construction right now, but I thought there was no harm in informing the Klaroline Fandom of this a little earlier! 

The Klaroline Guide is simply that, a guide to all things relating to the pairing. This blog will be used to inform the fandom of current projects, latest twitter trends, the other Klaroline Shippers that love the couple as much as the rest of us and more. 

Like I stated, the blog is under construction right now, but go ahead and take a look at what is already here if you wish.

I’ll be posting another post in the next week or so informing you all of a full list of things that will be included here. The blog is basically a signal boost really for all things Klaroline.

If you have any questions, feel free to invade the ask box here. And keep a lookout for a post from us soon to get too know a little more about the purpose of this blog and hopefully, this blog will be helpful to us all here in the Klaroline Fandom! 

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Chandler and Monica?! Oh, this is unbelievable! How long have you known?

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"I’ll make it back to you."
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Lately I’ve been going through lots of changes, like moving away from home, leaving my friends, working full-time, and traveling all over. It has been quite a whirlwind. My New Year’s resolution is to continue to embrace all of the ‘new’: making new friends, exploring my new home town…experiencing life.

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"I’m very shy,” O’Brien says. “I  wish more people believed me when I say that. Stiles is a version of me that rarely exists in the real world. He’s so confident and extroverted, and I’m much more restrained and internal.

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"You and I are gonna find a way to get Monique back. It’ll be our little secret. We’ll do it together. We’ll seal off the cemetery from the vampires, find Davina, stop Marcel, and finish the ritual once and for all. Even if I have to slit Davina’s throat myself.”

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It starts with you and if you can influence other people to live well, than its kinda that pay it forward thing.

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